How to decorate the wall in the room with your own hands: the best decor ideas

When the repair is close to completion, it's time to think through the decor of each room. Any designer considers a blank wall as the basis for the implementation of original ideas. Before decorating a wall in a room, it is advisable to see how others did it using various methods and techniques.

DIY wall decoration over the sofa

Walls should be the perfect complement to your room’s interior.

Rules for decorating walls in a living room

Thinking about how you can decorate the wall in the room with your own hands, you can not ignore the recommendations of experts. Without observing the simple and logical advice of design and decoration specialists, one cannot achieve the desired result.

  1. Matching the decor to the style of the room is an important principle of decorating walls in an apartment or house. Agree, it would be ridiculous for a Scandinavian-style living room in the spirit of a "winter fairy tale" to be decorated with murals with palm trees and ocean views. Or in a bedroom with a palace interior to place knitted toys - characters from modern cartoons.
  2. Wall decor should not fill all vertical planes. It is desirable for a collage, exposure, modular paintings or wall decor in the room to do one accent wall with your own hands. Attention will be riveted to it, and it will be more interesting to consider the most interesting elements.

    Decorative butterflies on the wall of a children's room

    Decorative composition plays the role of an accent, while it occupies a smaller part of the wall

  3. It is better when the decoration of the walls is uniform or mutually complemented. This is a favorite design method. Variants of computer processing of one portrait will look original - your idol or “yourself beloved”. Dishes, napkins, the same New Year’s snowflakes or other elements united by some theme.
  4. Seasonality principle, for example, voluminous flying autumn leaves or spring flowers. They don’t mix together, it’s tasteless.

    Bouquets of autumn leaves in the interior of the living room

    “Slice” of autumn on the windowsill in the living room

  5. Scene scenes are several elements united by a common action. You can decorate the wall of the room with fluttering butterflies or flying birds that the cat is hunting for. They will give more life and dynamism to any urban interior.
  6. Painting, combined by a common technique. For the bedroom, a mini-gallery in the style of nude (nude) is suitable. In the living room, it’s better to decorate the wall with your own hands - to draw some similar paintings. As an option - buy modular paintings (4-3 individual images, where the general landscape is divided into several elements). The same is true for different types of needlework.

    Pink flower on a modular picture in a white living room

    Modular paintings radically change the interior of a room

  7. Reflecting your vision of the world through hobbies, hobbies and interests. Interior design is not so attractive when they are impersonal. Let the wall decorations in each room become an original expression. For example, the coffee maker’s kitchen is distinguished by a wall panel of coffee beans or a stenciled picture of instant coffee, ground cinnamon and semolina. It is beautiful and fragrant. In the orchid lover’s bedroom, 3D wallpapers are displayed next to the bed. The hunter's living room will be decorated with appropriate wall attributes.

Following these simple recommendations of designers, everyone will cope with any decorations on the walls, but it is better to do them yourself.

Drawings on the walls

Many are mistaken in the belief that only people with the talent of an artist can decorate a wall in a room. But many do not even assume that real talent is dozing in them, even they do not know how to draw. Beautifully placed finished elements, too, not everyone can. But why not try yourself in some affordable technique?

Decoration of a blank wall with a picture

A simple drawing can be quite spectacular.

For this, you need a smooth wall with painting and the image that you want to see on it. Without much work, you can do hand-painted wall decoration with your own hands.

Drawing options:

1. Stencil spraying It is important to prepare a beautiful perforated pattern, work carefully so as not to stain the walls and floors.
2. Black and white square silhouette Pictures in the style of “Choi is alive” or “John Lennon is alive” according to the finished sketch, we enlarge the image and gradually fill in the square.
3. We draw prints or prints Dip a lemon slice or a beautiful autumn leaf, a textured roller or a specially prepared carved blank into paint.
4. Paint with fingers and paint An original technique for a children's room that will appeal to adults and children.
5. Fill color blocks The preliminary markup transferred from the image you like is painted over with the necessary shades.
Methods for texture painting walls

Using texture painting, you can give the wall a bump or create a bright accent in the interior of the room

A student of an art school can depict a real masterpiece for a nominal fee. Those who want something special, but are not sure of their talents, are recommended to invite a friend or acquaintance who will make a sketch or a full-fledged drawing. For example, if you know a talented teenager who is fond of graffiti, give the opportunity to realize themselves in your interior. Offer for a pack of chips and a can of cola to decorate the wall in the hallway (another room) with your own hands, after having approved the sketch.

Mixed technique also looks beautiful - a combination of several techniques, for example, decorative plaster, modeling and painting.

Volumetric picture with a parrot on the wall of the hallway

A chic option - a picture with a volumetric effect

Attention! Any pattern is applied only to the prepared base - a smoothly plastered wall with a paint or other coating that will not get wet during decoration.

DIY wall decoration in a kids room

The simple idea of ​​decorating a white wall with colored geometric patterns using stencils

Paper application

The budget way - you can decorate the wall in the room with your own hands made of paper, today it is a trend. Identical elements on an accent surface and voluminous large-format flowers of a common color with wallpaper look luxuriously looked.

Paper tree on the wall of a nursery

Colored paper, glue and scissors - everything you need for a paper application in the form of a tree

Specialists use different types of material:

  • metallized paper or foil;
  • thin black tracing paper;
  • corrugated, dense and thin cardboard;
  • toilet paper, wrapping paper, creased paper, colored paper and velvet paper;
  • iridescent "hologram";
  • wallpaper residues;
  • stickers;
  • newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.

From all that can be cut with scissors and glued to the wall, a person with a creative approach is able to create exclusive jewelry on the wall with his own hands, as in the photo.

Decorating a room wall with old newspapers

World map from old newspapers

DIY wall decor under an old brick

Corrugated Brick Wall

Exhibition exposition on the wall

A free wall is a great opportunity to show your talents to your household and guests, especially if enough exhibits have accumulated. The home exhibition is hosted in different ways:

  • a small rack by the wall;
  • glass or wooden shelves;
  • hanging elements on brackets;
  • scattered objects on suction cups or cloves.

The exposition is an excellent solution for those who do not know how to decorate the wall in the room with their own hands.Someone is fond of making dolls or toys, others knit or embroider something, make original crafts from plastic bottles. If the products are made at a decent artistic level, they can be put on public display. At the same time there will be an original decor for an empty corner or wall.

DIY pink wall decor

Bright composition in the style of pop art.

Live paintings and ponds

Today, many are fond of succulents and cacti, but they are still gaining popularity of living pictures from these plants that accumulate moisture. Knowing the secrets of making “flower designers” within the framework, it’s easy to make an original creation in the style of eco-design from them.

Picture from living plants of the succulents family for room decor

Wall painting of living succulents

Enthusiasts are not limited to paintings, hanging planters or closed florariums against the wall. Specialists know how to decorate an entire wall in a room with their own hands using living plants.

Green wall of living moss in the bedroom interior

To create a living wall, moss is often used, which is perfect for the general background of the composition.

No less interesting is the aquarium in the form of a flat picture with diode illumination. A large pond on a stable base is a great way to zoning or replacing a wall between adjacent rooms.

Zoning a kitchen-living room with an aquarium

The aquarium built into the partition fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen and living room

Pictures or photo gallery?

Lovers of home comfort in retro style are well aware of how to decorate the wall with their own photos. To do this, it is recommended to select the most interesting photos and images that are similar in meaning. Today, everyone has access to digital processing and photoshop, with which you can transform old pictures:

  • crop, increase or decrease;
  • run in one format;
  • make it brighter and more contrast;
  • add color or, convert to black and white photo;
  • pass through color filters;
  • apply a more radical treatment.

Drawn up finished photographs in frames (purchased or made by yourself). Next, you need to prepare enough space for decorating the wall with photos. The placement can be linear, chaotic or curly, for example, in the form of a heart, circle or steps.

The same techniques are used for an impromptu picture gallery. They can belong to one author, make up a single plot.

Decoration with paintings of the walls of a residential building

Galleries of various subjects may be present in neighboring rooms.

Home exhibition of paintings in the living room of a country house

Pictures are suitable for decorating almost any wall

In the nursery, the originally pasted picture of puzzles scattering around the edges is appropriate.

How to decorate a wall in a room in an original way so as not to copy anyone?

In principle, there are no restrictions on how to beautifully decorate a wall in a room. Use any materials and ideas:

  1. The diode ribbon and luminous tubes as the basis for the inscriptions and contours are the designer “trick" for the decoration of rooms with insufficient lighting (electricians must mount the equipment).

    Neon heart over the fireplace in the living room

    A recent popular trend is bright neon signs.

  2. Mirror tiles or mirrors of an unusual shape are the best decoration of a small hallway.

    Hallway decoration with mirror composition

    Wall panel with mirror beams of different lengths

  3. A large interior clock or its imitation - and the question of how to decorate a room at home is immediately decided.

    Interior clock on a dark wall

    Unusual watch dial with pictures instead of numbers

  4. Mosaic of broken tiles and mirror chips is a popular technique for decorating an empty wall in any room. The theme of the picture is chosen for the style and functionality of the room.

    Do-it-yourself mosaic of broken ceramic tiles

    Any composition can be laid out from broken tiles.

  5. A painted door or an “open” exit to nature. The reception is available to artists, but you can limit yourself to photo wallpaper with a similar plot.

    Wall painting as decoration of home interior

    Drawn door with a “slice” of Venice

  6. Wide frames from improvised materials, made by yourself, under the mirrors, paintings, photos. For the bathroom, for example, shells are suitable, in the hallway cones, ears, reeds, twigs and saw cuts of wood are appropriate.

    DIY wood frame decor

    For the original decor of a regular photo frame, you will need only one tree branch

  7. A fake fireplace with New Year and Christmas attributes is a traditional winter DIY wall decor.

    Decorative fireplace with a New Year's garland

    Profiles, drywall, moldings, self-tapping screws, putty and paint - not so many materials are needed to make a decorative fireplace

  8. Large inscriptions in beautiful handwriting or intricate type, hieroglyphs, voluminous letters made of polystyrene foam - a popular decor in a modern interior.

    Decorating the wall in the bedroom with foam letters

    Beautiful foam inscription over the head of the bed

  9. Natural elements can be both a wall decor and a functional object, for example, hangers made of deer horns or original knots.

    Decorative composition of branches on the living room wall

    This winter composition is easy to make from a dry branch, just remove the bark and cover the tree with varnish

  10. Collectible bowls, hand-painted plates, trays or salad bowls are an excellent decoration for the kitchen or dining room.

    Oriental-style forge decorative plates

    Decorative plates will come in handy, if they are decorated in the style of the room

There are many other ideas on how to decorate a wall in a room, but it is better to bring something of your own. And in our gallery only photos with the most simple ideas to implement are selected.

Video on how to decorate a wall with paper butterflies

Photo: original ideas for DIY wall decor

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