Making a bottle of brandy for a man with his own hands for his birthday and on February 23

The art of decorating gifts is actively developing, thanks to individual enthusiasts with high aesthetic demands and excellent taste. Often they share on the Internet their masterpieces in the photo and video workshops.

Making a bottle of cognac under a tunic with your own hands

At first glance it seems that only an experienced needlewoman can make such a design. Nothing really complicated here

There are many interesting ideas on how to decorate a bottle of brandy with your own hands for a man on his birthday or February 23. It is not necessary to completely copy one or another sample step by step if you want to do something like that. Turn on the imagination and work in the technique that seems the most interesting and accessible.

How to choose the theme and variety of equipment

What to give to a dear person or an accomplished man who does not need anything? The designer decor of a bottle of cognac as a gift for a man is often the only way to surprise a wealthy person who has everything with his inimitable offering.

Examples of brandy design as a gift to a man

Good brandy will be a great birthday present or by February 23, if the bottle is beautifully packaged

People whose imagination is limitless do not need to suggest good ideas - there are many more than the possibilities for their implementation. For most lovers, to make something, ready-made examples are needed for inspiration, with a detailed description and a photo, how to perform it step by step. Experienced masters do everything in their own way, only with a cursory glance at the finished result, as in the photo of designing a bottle of cognac with a candy bouquet.

Making cognac with a bouquet of sweets

Bouquet with alcohol for men

To some, multi-layer “packaging” with many elements will seem too complicated. Then you can simply layer upon layer from the bottom to paste a round cognac bottle, planted on a circle of foam, wrapping sweets or copied banknotes.

Making alcohol as a gift to a man

Sack for a bottle with glasses

Subject design may vary, depending on the hobby of its future owner. Fans of sea travel, fishing and aquariums will certainly appreciate decoupage with fish, shells, starfish on the theme of a sea pirate. After celebrating a birthday, such glass containers are able to claim a worthy position in interior decoration.

Variant of bottle decoration as a gift for February 23

This bottle is glued to everything at hand

A popular topic is personification of wealth in any form. It can be a mossy bottle from the bottom of the sea, filled with souvenir coins, on which lightning suddenly spread. A bottle of cognac, representing wealth, is best presented complete with other attributes on the same subjects, including figurines and chests, banknotes and coins.

Pirate style alcohol bottle decor

To simulate a pirate bottle full of money, you will need napkins, lightning, coins, glue and paint

Getting to the design of a bottle of cognac for a man, stock up on patience, improvised materials and tools.

1. Sharp-end knife and scissors For cutting materials.
2. Ruler, pencil and square For marking up templates.
3. Satin ribbon of the required color To make a neck.
4. Dark oblique edging For wrapping cognac bottle in the color of a tunic.
5. Polyethylene and thin thick cardboard, threads To form the basis of tunic, polyethylene will protect cognac from glue.
6. Themed fittings and decorative elements Select by similarity with the insignia by the combat arms.
7. Glue, needle and thread For fixing.
8. The foundation A bottle of good cognac or other strong drink.

This is a general list. In the schemes of work considered below, decoupage napkins and polystyrene, pieces of thin leather and fabric, paint in aerosol, zipper, coins, etc. may be needed.

Packing from sleeves for bottles with alcohol

Sleeves of unnecessary shirts or sweaters can also turn into gift wraps.

A little time - and for the birthday of a loved one an exclusive gift will be ready that will be able to amaze the most demanding company.

Registration of a bottle of cognac in a tunic

The military theme designing a bottle with an elite drink will seem interesting to many, it does not matter if there is cognac, rum or whiskey. The main thing is the shape of glass containers, which is easy to give the shape of a male torso. To do this, you need a flattened bottle with “shoulders” and a low neck, which are quite a lot on the shelves of supermarkets.

Bottle of brandy in a satin ribbon tunic

A flattened bottle is best for decoration.

Decorating such bottles for beginners seems the most interesting, since it is easier to imagine the final result - a uniform and a cap, as in the photo.

Gift brandy bottle for men

An example of designing a bottle of cognac in the form of a tunic

With the help of such a gift it is easy to imitate any formal uniform:

  • serviceman;
  • sailor;
  • MES-nickname;
  • policeman;
  • departmental security officer, etc.
The procedure for designing a bottle of cognac as a gift to a man

The idea is simple - wrap the bottle with ribbons, but you need to do it beautifully

If you carefully consider the proposed sample, it is obvious that many fragments are easy to vary, making the main elements with your own hands:

  • tunic;
  • shirt collar;
  • tie;
  • cap;
  • shoulder straps;
  • marks of Excellence.

Important! Recall that the accuracy of the work and the integrity of gift wrapping depends on many factors, including experience in needlework, a good tool and tools for fixing.

Before you decorate a bottle of brandy with your own hands, prepare
materials and tools:

  • polyethylene;
  • thin and thick cardboard;
  • satin ribbon of the required color;
  • slanting inlay (for wrapping);
  • brushes and foam sponges for coloring;
  • thematic accessories (buttons, stars for shoulder straps);
  • twisted silk thread (for fixing the internal elements);
  • sharp knife and scissors with sharp ends;
  • a pencil and a square for marking;
  • a bottle of good cognac (another strong drink).
Ribbons for designing a gift bottle of cognac

The main material is satin ribbon

We carry out step by step.

  1. Wrap a bottle of cognac in a bag, fix it with a thread and loosely pack it in a cardboard base and make a coat hanger. Seal open fragments with pieces of cardboard to size. For the convenience of fixing the rounded parts of the edge, it is better to arrange with teeth.

    Gluing a white ribbon on a bottle of brandy

    Try on a white tape on the collar

  2. We work with ribbons - a white collar imitates a silk satin. The second segment goes as the chest under the tunic. From a black tape of smaller width we form a tie and carefully fix it under the collar.

    Fixing tape on a bottle of brandy with a thermal gun

    It is convenient to use a hot glue gun to fasten the tapes

  3. We form a black tunic, starting with wrapping a slanting inlay in the neck, gently glue it. After the top is formed, it is better to remove the package from the bottom. The tunic is formed with tape to the very bottom.

    Winding brandy bottle with satin ribbon

    It is important to wrap the bottle tightly

  4. We form epaulets and select accessories for the insignia of the military branch, we carry out the breast badge, and a brocade ribbon medal.

    Scheme of manufacturing shoulder straps for a cognac gift bottle

    Epaulettes can be made from suitable pieces of tape

  5. We design the lapels of the tunic and the fastener, under which it is easy to hide the joints and trim the tape. We fix the medal, badge and buttons.

    Fastening a button on a bottle of cognac

    The number of buttons is chosen at our discretion

  6. We turn to the design of caps from tape and cardboard. It is more convenient to fix a peak after cutting by a teeth a segment for fixing. It can be immediately made of black cardboard or pasted over with tape. Next, from 2 circles of the required diameter, we form a cap, as in the photo.

    Home-made cap for the decor of cognac bottle

    Shreds of thick fabric are suitable for a cap

  7. After tightening the ribbon, decorate with insignia. You can give!

    Bottle in a tunic for a gift to a man on February 23

    Here's a bottle

Tip. To ensure that the edge of the tape does not crumble, it is better to make a hot cut with heated scissors (use working gloves) or a soldering iron. You can walk along the edge with a brush with transparent silicone glue.

Gift bouquet with cognac and sweets.

Not so long ago, bouquets of sweets and banknotes (or their imitation printed on a copy machine) came into fashion, and so many interesting ideas have already appeared. Consider the most complex manufacturing option - with paper flowers and monetary symbols, as a hint of a wish for success and prosperity. This is just one of the options how to decorate a bottle of brandy with your own hands on a man’s birthday.

Gift bouquet with brandy and sweets for men

The decor and content of the composition may be different, it all depends on your imagination

You can arbitrarily decorate the list of elements, but for the proposed composition you will need:

  • a bottle of cognac of your favorite brand;
  • crepe or crumpled paper of different colors;
  • Styrofoam;
  • glue gun;
  • stationery knife;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • floristic ribbons 30 mm and 50 mm;
  • souvenir money;
  • Euro and dollar patterns;
  • sweets in golden and color wrappers;
  • chocolate coins in foil;
  • bamboo sticks or toothpicks;
  • glue gun or "liquid nails";
  • pencil, ruler (square) and scissors;
  • twisted silk thread for fixing;
  • A4 cardboard;
  • decorative twine.
Crank rolls for brandy bottle decoration

Multi colored paper is best suited for flower petals.

The volume of packaging and the amount of materials for decoration varies according to the design of the volume of a bottle of brandy for a man.

Step by step.

  1. We cut the foam circles in steps and wrap them with crumpled paper to form the basis for souvenir packaging. The ends of the foam and the opening for the bottle are beautifully designed as a wavy ruffle.

    Making foam coasters for brandy bottle

    The height of the stand is determined in the course of work: we insert the bottle into the cut-out hole and see that it is stable. If necessary, add more circles

  2. We spread the sweets not very tight to wrap them in flowers made of paper and place them on a finished base.
  3. From the squeezed paper of different shades, we cut the petals, thick dark green wrapping paper or fabric will go to the petioles.

    The procedure for making flowers to decorate a bottle of cognac

    First we cut the rectangles of about 40x70 mm, then with scissors we give the shape of the petals

  4. We form candy flowers in petals, at least 15-17, as shown in the photo.

    Homemade paper roses for bottle decoration as a gift

    The more you fix the petals, the roses will look more magnificent

  5. We turn to the manufacture of banknotes based on cardboard, they must be mounted on bamboo sticks or toothpicks.

    Making monetary symbols for the design of a bottle of cognac

    For money symbols, you need thick cardboard and souvenir money

  6. We form a ready-made bouquet of candy flowers, chocolate coins, souvenir money and photocopies of notes. We wrap the lower platform with a beautiful ribbon and tie it with a bow; you can insert a card with the best wishes and an envelope with real bills. Souvenir bouquet is ready for gift!

    Gift bottle of cognac with a bouquet of chocolates

    The composition is ready, you can congratulate the man on the holiday!

A handmade gift is always better than a “souvenir” souvenir. It doesn’t matter if this is a bottle of cognac for a man with ribbons, chocolates or paper, the main thing is an interesting idea. We suggest choosing something most suitable for your dearest person in our photo gallery.

Video: decoupage brandy bottle design

Photo gallery: examples of colorful bottle designs

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