Seashells as an element of interior

Seashells are the most budgetary and atmospheric souvenirs that you can pick up on the seashore and bring home. These gizmos will for a long time be reminiscent of warm water, bright sun and colorful summer. In addition, they will become an unusual addition to the interior and will create an atmosphere of lightness and carelessness in your home.

letters of seashells

In the creation of the original interior, any jewelry made by you yourself will come in handy.

seashell decor ideas

The decor of shells is an element of eco-style in the interior.

Hand-made jewelry allows you to create a unique design for your home. You will not find a similar interior from any of your acquaintances, because you invest a piece of yourself in each such hand-made thing.

seashell box

An important detail in the decor of shells - such a thing will cost much cheaper than bought in a store.

Seashells brought from the sea are ideal material for such creativity. Sea shells are quite easy to use and do not require special skills and talents. At the same time, there are a lot of ideas for decorating various objects with shells. They can decorate:

  • Photo frame;
  • Mirror;
  • A vase;
  • Casket;
  • The picture.
seashells in banks

Sand, shells, starfish, pebbles - these are natural materials with which you can create a unique style.

Large and small sinks are also used as independent decoration of the interior. For example, a large bulk shell can be a great pencil box or even a flower pot.

shell accessories

Give yourself the atmosphere of a sea breeze - decorate the interior of your home in a marine style.

Shells can be used almost everywhere. The most logical place of their location in the house is the bathroom, but they also fit well in the living room and bedroom. Even the most ordinary seashell on a shelf or bedside table will look unusual.

aquarium with shells

It is also difficult to imagine an aquarium without them, where they are often simply necessary.

Room Style Items
Bathroom Any Mirror, candles, glasses
Living room Marine, eco style. Photo frames, paintings and panels, vases, topiary, decorative letters, aquarium
Bedroom Marine, eco style. Mirror, photo frames, candles, paintings and panels, dreamcatcher, decorative letters, garlands, aquarium
Kitchen or dining room Marine, eco style. Pictures, watches, glasses, jugs
decor from shells on the wall

The main thing in this style is to preserve the energy of nature.

Put the shells in order

Seashells in the interior - It is always clean and shiny shells, as if descended from the pictures. However, nature does not create them quite like that.

seashells for decor

In order for them to become perfect decorations and suitable for use in decor, you will have to work a little on them.

Pre-freezing will help extend the life of the sinks. Put all your sea treasures in the freezer. When they are frozen, remove them and use a knife to clean from the inside.For an absolute result, it is worth boiling the clams for about 15 minutes, once again peeling and rinsing in water.

clean shells

Shell decor is in fashion again!

At the last stage, the shells are bleached. Any bleach can be used. Fill the shells and leave for several hours, then rinse, dry, grease with vegetable oil and varnish.

Decorate the mirror

The bathroom will be transformed beyond recognition if you decorate the mirror with sea shells. To create the background of a composition made in a marine style, use gold or turquoise acrylic paint.

marine style in the bathroom

Sea shells, pebbles, small beads of beautiful shape, will be a wonderful decoration for mirrors.

When gluing shells, it is necessary to take care of the strength of such a fastening. The glue should be suitable for wet rooms, because water and fumes will constantly get on the mirror.

marine style in the bathroom

Everyone can create such an original decor.

Seashells in the interior the bedrooms will look no less impressive, but here it is better to stick to the pastel color palette.

shell mirror

The decor of the mirror should be more restrained and fit the room in style.

Seashell decor Is a beauty that is very simple to create. To design a mirror you will need:

  • Shells of different shapes and sizes;
  • Thermo gun for needlework;
  • Double sided tape;
  • Artificial pearls;
  • Pebbles;
  • Colorless varnish.
seashells for mirror decor

Decorate the frame with shells of different sizes and colors.

Before starting, rinse and dry the shells. Protect the mirror surface from damage by covering it with cloth or paper.

  1. Choose the smallest shells. It is desirable that they be of a similar size. Glue them on the inner rim of the mirror with a glue gun or double-sided tape.
  2. Proceed to decorate the second row with larger shells. The distance between them should be approximately the same. For better adhesion, apply glue to both the mirror frame and the shell itself.
  3. Fill the space between pebble shells and pearls.
  4. Let the glue dry, and then coat the resulting composition with a colorless varnish.
shell decor mirror

Enjoy the atmosphere of the resort without leaving your own apartment.

Decorate photo frames

Even the simplest photo frame can become a stylish and original accessory. Seashell decor will help you achieve this effect. In addition to sea shells, your assistants will be the same acrylic paint, as well as pebbles, sand, beads and sparkles. Details from a cable thread or starfish will also look interesting.

seashell photo frame

A frame of shells will remind you of warm sunny days.

Arrange them on shelves, hang them on the wall or place them above the fireplace. Such frames were simply created in order to put photographs from the seashore in them and recall the happy moments of a vacation on cold winter evenings.

frame with shells

You will not see such a frame with your neighbors - it exists in only one instance and is a manifestation of your personality.

Seashell vase

It will be interesting to look even a simple glass vessel filled with seafood. Pour some sand into a vase, aquarium or a wide glass, add sea pebbles and shells. Such shell decor used for table setting for the holiday or simply placed on shelves, cabinets and bedside tables.

seashell vase

Such a vase will decorate any environment.

Flower pots decorated with seashells inside or outside look original. Unusually shaped shells can be placed inside the pot next to the flowers. And if you have many identical shells of the correct shape, then it is better to stick them on the outer walls or rim.

marine vase decor

Vase decorated with colorful shells will bring originality to the interior

Unusual sea shell decor ideas

Above, we described the most popular ways to use seashells in the interior. In fact, there are many more, and among them there are quite unusual options.

  • Shell topiary - a round tree with a foam base, which is glued with shells, pearls and other decorative elements.
bead and shell topiary

Today, the topiary is a fashionable decoration of any interior, which is becoming increasingly popular.

  • Panel - as a background use wood, plywood, cardboard, mesh or burlap. Sometimes it is sprinkled with sand or laid out pebbles.Shells are arranged in a chaotic manner or line up in a specific shape.
mural from shells

Such a product can decorate any room.

  • Decorative letters - stencils are cut that can be folded into a word or indicate the first letters of the names of the hosts. Finished letters are decorated with seashells on the same principle as ordinary photo frames.
seashell letter

If there are a lot of shells and they are very large, then you can make separate letters by gluing them together.

  • Candles - take one or more bulk shells. Fix the wick inside, fill it with wax. A stylish accessory for the bathroom or bedroom is ready.
candles from shells

Shells are almost ready-made miniature candlesticks that are just waiting to be supplemented with paraffin and wick.

  • Garlands - shells are hung on a rope in one or several rows or attached to a Christmas garland in place of bulbs. The second option looks more festive and is useful for decorating parties.
seashell garland

They will not only decorate the interior, but also allow not to turn marine gifts into a pile of garbage.

  • Dreamcatcher is a popular Native American amulet that drives away bad dreams, which can be made in the marine theme. Somewhat complicated in execution, but the result looks very impressive.
dream catcher with shells

Jewelry in the form of beads, feathers and shells make the Dream Catcher bright and elegant.

No matter how many seashells you bring from your vacation, they will always find application in the interior. Working with such material is easy and interesting.

shell decor

Exclusive seashell decor, made by yourself, will all year round remind you of the best moments of relaxation at sea.

VIDEO: Wonderful decor from shells for the house.

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