We decorate the house for the New Year 2018

New Year is considered a family holiday, bringing faith in miracles and a lot of positive emotions. Many with interest begin decorating the house on the eve of the holiday. Every year there are certain nuances in this matter that should be observed. Therefore it is worth knowing how decorate the house for the new year 2018.

decorate the living room

Fun, interest, enthusiasm, joy - all these emotions accompany the process of decorating a house for the upcoming New Year.

how to decorate a house for the new year

Not only children are enthusiastically engaged in decorating, but also adults, since it is this lesson that helps to tune in the necessary festive mood.

DIY home decoration for the new 2018 year

It is important not only to hang out the toys, but also to show imagination. You can give free rein to the imagination. But it is recommended to adhere to certain rules described in the table.

decorate the house for the new year

Every New Year I want to differ from the previous year and design the house in an original way.

Tips Description
Uniform design It is worth sticking to one style of design. Each detail must be combined with another. If this is an eco-style, natural materials, DIY decor are suitable.
Limited dosage It is important to create an atmosphere of celebration and comfort. Because there is a certain line, going beyond which you can go too far and spoil the overall impression. If you have a lot of jewelry, it does not mean that you need to place them all. Use decorative elements for doors, windows. You can add items to the table.
Color combination It is recommended to carefully consider the color scheme and not introduce a large number of tones. A maximum of three tones in perfect harmony with each other. An excellent solution is to use white, red and blue colors in various combinations.

Room decoration in the house for the new year 2018

For the design of rooms suitable Christmas wreaths. They are suitable for any interior. You just need to choose the right palette. Can be placed on doors, windows, hang on the wall. They can be made of artificial material or be natural, from coniferous wood. The latter fill the house with a pleasant aroma.

Christmas wreath

New Year is a special holiday for many people.

For decoration, balls for the Christmas tree are suitable. Choose products of the same style, but in different sizes. Place on shelves, racks, any flat surfaces. The listed options can be combined by weaving balls into wreaths, getting an original and beautiful element of decor.

decor from christmas balls

The holiday is rightfully considered to be family - because it combines the common joy of the smallest, and very serious, adults.

Buy a lot of bright gift boxes. Presentations are placed in them and placed under the tree. This will become an additional decoration of the room.

tree with presents

On the eve of the New Year, you should seriously think about how to decorate the house.

The choice of style in home decoration for the new 2018 year

Home decoration should begin with a definition of the general style. Next year, eco-style is considered a relevant option. It consists in the maximum use of natural materials, including wood.

eco style decor

In honor of this holiday, everyone wants to create a special, unique atmosphere.

Choose jewelry from natural materials.Use spices such as cinnamon sticks. Eliminate the use of plastic, metal elements. Details of a bright gamut will not work.

eco-friendly Christmas decorations

It is better to make all the jewelry with your own hands, and even better together with the whole family.

And quite the opposite, it is recommended to act when choosing a high-tech style. Then glass, metal elements should prevail, and the forms are used clear and sharp.

high-tech christmas decor

Photos of various options and tips from those who know a lot about decorating will help a lot.

The main recommendations for home decoration for the new year 2018

Next year is declared the Year of the Dog. Therefore, it is worth adding to the room elegance, sophistication and grace. Before decorating, it is important to consider all the details, their location. Use more soft natural elements. Balls of thread, plaids, napkins help create a festive, relaxed atmosphere.

balls of thread

You can copy the proposed ideas or create your own design based on them.

Decoration of the court territory and the street side of the house for the new 2018

Decoration is required not only on the inside of the house, but also on its courtyard. Some tips will help to beautifully design this site.

decorate the yard for the new year

Decoration of the front door and porch.

  1. In the courtyard, you can install decorations made of foam. Put arches and New Year's compositions.
  2. On the roof of the house and adjacent trees, place a bright illumination, garlands.
  3. If it's cold enough, it’s worth making various ice figures like a castle.
  4. To build a cart of Santa Claus from old sledges or to make similar interesting, thematic compositions.
New Year's decor of the yard

Fabulous decoration of the porch and front door.

We decorate the windows for the new year 2018 with our own hands - ideas and photos

Snowflakes and pictures of various characters are very popular as window decorations. Stores offer a wide range of similar products. However, you can prepare the necessary materials and do it all yourself. This will add not only a New Year's atmosphere, but also individuality.

how to decorate a window

For beginners, paper-made items are well-suited.

For the manufacture of snowflakes, paper, cardboard, candy wrappers are used. In addition to flat ones, volumetric options are made, from which you can fold a garland and decorate the window. You need to fold a piece of paper and use a pair of scissors to cut several different holes. After straightening, you get a beautiful snowflake, ready to decorate the window.

snowflakes on window 2018

If the result is not the height of grace, then you and the kids will enjoy the process itself.

Wreaths are often chosen as decoration. A ring-shaped blank should be cut from cardboard. Decorate the resulting element with snowflakes. In addition, berries, beads and ribbons are placed on the wreath.

New Year wreath 2018

The original design will not only be a subject of admiration for others, but also an occasion for your pride.

Garlands are suitable for decorating windows. A variety of materials are used, including tinsel. Additionally, it is worth using branches of needles, paper of different colors, cones. To create a festive atmosphere, include rowan berries in the decor. Paper is needed to create sprockets attached to the composition with thread.

Often use electric garlands. They are not made with their own hands, but are bought in stores by special models.

garlands on the window

This design looks beautiful and festive.

Stickers are an actual solution for creating a festive composition on the windows. They should fully reflect the New Year theme. There are many different options in stores, differing in size, design. You can make stickers yourself. It is necessary to cut out a pattern from paper and stick it on the window using a soap solution.

new year window stickers

A great way to share festive mood with passers-by is to decorate windows with stickers.

Gouache will help to create a festive composition on glass. You can simulate the patterns left by the frost on the windows. It is worth writing a picture of a suitable subject.If you settled on the first option with patterns, you can use toothpaste and artificial snow. Its advantage is the ability to easily be removed with a damp cloth without adverse effects.

artificial snow

Children are very pleased to paint on the windows with snow from spray cans.

DIY 2018 new year souvenirs

A gift in honor of the New Year can be made with your own hands, and not run to the store for shopping. From this, it will only become more original and more valuable. The following presentation options are available.

  • The packaging in which the gift is wrapped must fully comply with the symbols of the coming year. This rule applies to postcards. Any material, including cardboard, fabric, coffee beans, buttons and more, is suitable for translating ideas. By the same principle, you can build a calendar.
gift wrapping 2018

You can make an application in the shape of a dog or draw it.

  • Souvenir "Dog from the test." There are various ways to implement such an idea. There are special workshops. The construction is not time-consuming, even a beginner can do it. Use paints to decorate it.
souvenir dog

Try to make the souvenir come out bright.

  • Christmas tree toy in the form of a symbol of the year. This will require certain skills. After all, the toy needs to be sewn or knitted.
Christmas toy dog

Such a gift for a long time will be a reminder of you.

It is recommended to create children to create gifts with their own hands. This occupation is very fascinating, both young and old like it. For the joint creation of presentations, the following options are suitable.

  • Snowflakes. The option is suitable as a gift from the kids presented to the parents. It is worth cutting beautiful snowflakes from paper and presenting them by placing them in a box. Be sure to attach a card with wishes and kind words to the box.
christmas snowflakes

There may be single products or garlands.

  • Picture. A child can draw an image, subsequently it is placed in a frame. Applique is also suitable.
christmas panel

The main thing is that the product should be bright and consistent with the New Year, winter theme.

  • Crafts. The option does not lose relevance. It will involve not only children, but also adults. Use cardboard, paper. You can use the original idea by making a craft out of cones.
Christmas crafts from cones

It is only important to include imagination.

Before starting decorating a house for the holiday, it is important to think through every little thing. Decide on the overall style and color scheme. Do not use more than 3 shades. It is not recommended to overload houses with an abundance of parts so that the room does not look cluttered.

New Year Decor 2018

With your own hands you can create, surprisingly, beautiful and unusual decor items.

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