Narrow straight sofas for the kitchen: how to choose?

The kitchen is an important room of an apartment or a private house. Here, families spend together most of their lives. They cook, communicate, eat. Someone likes to drink coffee in the morning, reading the lines of the newspaper. Someone like to retire here reading an interesting literary work, spend the night away. It is important to ensure comfort, convenience, relaxation. But what if there is little space? How to be in this case? We must buy a narrow sofa in the kitchen. It will fit even in the premises of the old Khrushchev, while it will bring a share of comfort and coziness.

Sofa in the kitchen interior gives comfort

A sofa in the kitchen interior gives comfort and is a gathering place for the whole family

What is a narrow sofa?

A narrow sofa is ordinary upholstered furniture, limited in size. His seat is less than that of his brothers. The width is also adjusted downward. As you know, such a product is needed for small rooms where it is not possible to arrange full-size furniture.
What is attractive about the product? Among other things, given its reduced size, the sofa does not lose in functional content. In stores, such models with characteristics are sold, along with ordinary ones. Of course, the reduction in size takes away the share of comfort and convenience. Low people, on the contrary, love such products for their compactness. For them there is no difference.

A narrow sofa takes up very little space

A narrow sofa takes up very little space, while bringing a bit of comfort to the kitchen

What are the designs?

A narrow folding sofa in the kitchen has varieties. They are like standard products. But there are fewer varieties. Let's see what is.

Sofa book is great for the kitchen

Sofa-book is perfect for the kitchen in a studio apartment. If guests suddenly come overnight, he will help you with accommodation


Sofa - the eurobook will decorate a kitchen interior

Sofa - the eurobook will decorate a kitchen interior with juicy shades


Roll-out sofa suitable for large cohons

Roll-out sofa is suitable for large cohons and serves as an extra bed in the apartment


Sofa click gag perfect for the kitchen

Sofa click gag is perfect for a kitchen made in a modern interior


Dolphin-style sofa

It is rational to place a Dolphin-style sofa in the kitchen combined with the living room


Stylish and comfortable sofa with drawers

Stylish and comfortable sofa with drawers below, which are convenient for storing small items


Sofa accordion great for the kitchen

An accordion sofa is great for small kitchens.


Sofa couch takes up very little space

Sofa couch takes up very little space and fits perfectly into the interior of any kitchen


The couch is narrow, but long.

The couch is narrow, but long. It is better to place it in large kitchens


The sofa is large enough

The sofa sofa is large enough, it is better to use it in the kitchen combined with the dining room


Sofa sedaflex perfectly complement the interior

The sofa sedaflex perfectly complements the interior of any kitchen, and the variety of colors will pleasantly surprise

The list represents folding items only. Their designs are made of metal folding accessories, which allows you to increase the useful area of ​​the sofa. But manufacturers produce wooden structures. These sliding parts can be laid out like that. Here metal is useless, since the load is reduced.

Sedaflex sofa with metal sliding structure

Sedaflex sofa with metal sliding structure

The folding mechanism is determined by the appearance of the sofa. Each species has distinctive features, special characteristics unique to it. Confuse the variety does not work.

Each sofa has a unique folding design.

Each sofa has a unique folding design. It's hard to mix them up

More kitchen corners are for sale. They are easy to recognize by design. These are soft benches made of wood or metal frame. They have a softly upholstered back for comfort, and all surfaces are machined to smoothness. This eliminates the splinter in the hands, body.

Kitchen corners are upholstered

Kitchen corners are upholstered and polished.

Types of frame

There are three types:
derivatives of wood;

With wood, steel is understandable. Derivatives of wood are plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, Finnish plywood, MDF. Fiberboard is used exclusively for cladding, sealing the rear walls of cabinets, shelves. That is, for decorative purposes. This material is not capable of bearing a functional load. The remaining materials, MDF, particleboard, plywood - are used to make the frame of sofas.

Corner kitchen sofa with wooden frame

Corner kitchen sofa with wooden frame and berth

The advantage of wood substitutes is the low price. Such a frame does not affect the service life. Here, the overall quality of the products is determined more. Depends on the manufacturer, specialists, quality of the supplied material.

Kitchen sofa made from sonoma oak

Kitchen sofa made from sonoma oak

Wooden frames are the most beautiful. For design, they are better than others. The surface of the tree is warm - this is an additional plus. Metal frames look beautiful in the modern styles of Hi-Tech, Minimalism. Wooden - for classic (Provence, English). Folding fittings are available only in steel. This is necessary so that a narrow sofa can carry a functional load.

Corner sofa made of wood

Corner sofa made of wood looks great in the modern interior of the kitchen

Sizes of narrow furniture in the kitchen

From the frame, folding mechanism depends on how much usable space will be on the furniture. There are narrow kitchen sofas with a berth. This is convenient for several reasons. If unexpected guests arrived, they can be accommodated for the night directly in the kitchen. The rest will be convenient, and in the morning you can immediately start your meal.
When moving to new housing, have not yet acquired amenities, furniture, such a sofa will save money, will allow you to use it for two purposes: eating, sleeping at night.

Kitchen sofa with a berth

A kitchen sofa with a berth will help you out if guests suddenly come

Narrow sofas are sold without a folding mechanism. These are intended purely for seating. These are more kitchen corners. But there is a full-fledged upholstered furniture. More often, small sofas, if they are laid out, then for a single place. These are couches. But modern designs are so compact that they allow you to get two full places to sleep from the small dimensions. This is a sofa, dolphin, book, sedaflex.

Kitchen sofa without folding mechanism

Kitchen sofa without folding mechanism with a berth

Before buying, you need to measure all the distances in the kitchen in the place where you plan to install furniture. Record the length, width of the installation space. Measure the height only if there is an obstacle to the installation of the product on the wall.
There are narrow sofas with internal shelves for storing things, dishes, other utensils. For a small kitchen room, this option is very convenient. Rarely used items are easily cleaned in the lower drawers, making room for cooking, eating.

Small kitchen sofa with drawers

Small kitchen sofa with drawers for storing various things

It is important when taking measurements in the kitchen, consider the margin for aisles, convenient opening / closing of drawers. Also, do not install upholstered furniture close to a gas or electric stove, in places of water sources. This will save the product for many years.

When installing a sofa in the kitchen, remember about safety.

When installing a sofa in the kitchen, remember about safety. Do not place the sofa near a gas or sink.

Filler and Upholstery

Filler, upholstery determine the service life, life expectancy of a narrow sofa. To choose, you need to know the properties of each, and also find out which are sold in stores.
Filler happens:

Soft kitchen sofa

Soft sofa for the kitchen


Sofa for kitchen with independent spring unit

Sofa for kitchen with independent spring unit

Spring-loaded in old-style room sofas. This technology is now out of date. Soft formulations - that's fashionably comfortable. They are:

foam rubber;

Foam-filled kitchen sofa

Foam-filled kitchen sofa

polyurethane foams;

Polyurethane-filled kitchen sofa

Polyurethane-filled kitchen sofa


Holofiber kitchen sofa

Holofiber kitchen sofa


Kitchen sofa with comfortable fibers

Kitchen sofa with comfortable fibers

synthetic winterizer and synthetic winterizer;

Synthetic padded kitchen sofa

Synthetic padded kitchen sofa


Kitchen sofa with latex mattress

Kitchen sofa with latex mattress

Latex and polyurethane foam are the most resilient, elastic of the rest. Their service life is up to 15 years. They retain their shape, do not absorb moisture, odors. Foam rubber - the last century. This is the most short-lived filler. Sintepon, holofiber, comfort - fillers similar in properties. They are distinguished by the manufacturing process, chemical composition. These are artificial compounds, very soft, elastic, durable.

Bright and stylish kitchen sofa

Bright and stylish kitchen sofa with padding polyester

Upholstery also determines the service life and appearance of the product. There are natural, artificial fabrics / materials. Some are resistant to moisture, pollution. Others are well washed, cleaned, washed.

What to look for:

natural / artificial leather;
eco leather;

Velor sofa for the kitchen

Velor sofa will decorate any interior

For a narrow sofa in the kitchen, jacquard, flock is well suited. Genuine leather is an ideal option. But the price bites. You can consider the arpatek. This is a substitute for genuine leather - its closest relative in appearance, performance.

Jacquard-coated kitchen sofa

Jacquard-coated kitchen sofa

Artificial, ecological leather are popular because of the low price. But there are disadvantages. Such coatings quickly wear out, lose visual quality, and darken. Way out of the situation: the use of leatherette covers. They are easy to exchange for others, wash or clean. If you are tired of the design, it is easy to change, thanks to removable covers.

Sofa in the kitchen interior

50 photo ideas of a sofa in a kitchen interior

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