Do-it-yourself panel for the interior

Any environment has the property of annoying and the first thought is to start the repair to satisfy aesthetic needs. However, this will result in high costs.

Decorative panel in the form of a picture on the living room wall

To update the interior, it is not necessary to do a grand repair. Any room can be effectively decorated with a masterpiece of designer art of their own making.

You can get by with little blood, you just have to bring a few new elements to the interior. One option to refresh a room is to place a wall panel.

Panel on the wall - decorate the interior

Hand-made things are valued much higher and look very organic in the interior of any style. A decorative panel on the wall with your own hands is an opportunity to create coziness and harmonize the design of the room, which combines several interior solutions at once.

Decorative panel in the interior of a spacious living room with white walls

The first step in creating a panel is to determine the design of the future decoration

Panel in the form of a picture on a background of a white wall

The best place to place the panels is a free wall, where the decoration will be the only

The use of wall panels is relevant:

  • when combining different styles of interior;
  • when emphasizing certain design elements;
  • helps to divide the room into zones;
  • if necessary, hide the imperfections of the wall surface;
  • to bring diversity and comfort to your home.
Wall mural on the bedroom wall

Using the panel, you can select the sleeping area, the main thing is to choose the right combination of colors

Panel for different designs must be selected very carefully and take into account the color scheme. If the interior of the room has dark walls, the panel should be light, but not be out of the general composition. Modern trends accept the creation of panels with views of megacities, classicism involves the use of mosaics or drawings with natural motifs.

Decorative panel of geometric shapes in the interior of the living room

For a spacious room, use a large panel, even reaching the ceiling

Do-it-yourself decorative panel for the interior is easy to create, and if there was no previous needlework experience, there is always a way out. You can purchase ready-made mosaics that are simply laid out as a puzzle and attached to the surface or use a photo collage from family photos.

Types of decorative panels

There are many varieties of wall panels and among them:

Made of ceramic For their manufacture, the necessary motif is laid out on the wall with the help of tiles.
From wood It can be carved or scorched paintings created on the surface of a tree.
Sculptural Volumetric panels made of plaster or decorative finishing materials.
Made of stone For their manufacture, natural stone is used.
Graphic For them, printing on paper is relevant.
From fabric Patchwork, appliqués, embroidery and other techniques.
DIY stone panel

Decorative panel made of stone looks monumental and very durable

Decorative stucco panel

A do-it-yourself panel for the interior made of decorative plaster gives the room an extraordinary look and is a three-dimensional image.If you position the light correctly, you can achieve the effect of increasing space and make you want to try to touch the wall.

Wall with a decorative panel made of stucco

A three-dimensional panel of decorative plaster looks impressive and creates a visual spaciousness

A large selection of decorative finishing materials allows you to create unique effects:

  • marbled and other stone;
  • silk or velvet;
  • aged walls;
  • cracked soil;
  • tree.
DIY panel picture from textured plaster

Volumetric stucco paintings can be created on the surface from any material: stone, brick, wood or metal

Before starting work, walls or other surfaces must be primed. At the next stage, a sketch of the future panel in the interior is applied and the plaster is applied in layers. After drying, each layer must be sanded for better adhesion. The work is quite painstaking, but worth the time spent. The result is a strong, beautiful, embossed image. And to increase the wear resistance, the finished decoration can be varnished.

Making panels from textured plaster do-it-yourself

A syringe is used to create a bas-relief

Wood decorative panel

At all times, wood was considered an excellent material that can look harmoniously in any interior. Carved wall decoration looks expensive and can breathe new life into an old interior. You can burn a picture on a tree or create a work of art using nails and threads of different colors.

Wood panel in the interior of the room

This panel will require extraordinary abilities, but it looks gorgeous

DIY wooden panel from branches

A wooden panel made of cut branches will decorate even the simplest interior, and it is not difficult to make it

When choosing a material, you should buy expensive varieties of wood, since the product should serve for many years.

Ceramic decorative panel

Ceramic tile is a fairly durable material that can be easily used in the interior of a kitchen or bathroom. But their use is not limited to these rooms, as it will be appropriate to look in the living room and in the hallway.

Ceramic panel on the bathroom wall

The panel may consist of several ceramic tiles or fill most of the wall

Ceramic wall panel can be located both on the entire wall, and in certain areas. And also, it is possible to acquire an image that does not have clearly defined boundaries. This allows you to create a perspective in design.

Ceramic panel on the bathroom wall and stylish lamps

The mosaic panel is made of small ceramic details and requires perseverance

The advantages of this material include:

  • durability;
  • image quality;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • wide range of pictures.

Decoupage panel

Decorating a wall with a decoupage panel is easy to do. To make it, you need to buy a base (plywood), which must be sanded, primed, painted in the required color and glued on a decoupage card or napkin. The finished work is varnished for the convenience of further operation.

DIY decoupage wall panel

Elegant decorative panels using decoupage technique can be made together with children

Such a decorative element will be appropriate in any interior, as you can choose any image that complements the design.

Wine cork panel

To create it, the wine corks themselves and the frame where they will be placed will be required. To increase the number, they can be cut in half. They can be mounted both on a hot gun and on Dragon glue.

Do-it-yourself wine cork murals

Corks are cut with a sharp cutter and laid out in the right order

As a framework, it is better to choose materials with a natural origin in wood. Thus, she will not distract attention from the composition.

Picture for the kitchen of wine corks

This picture fits perfectly into the interior of the living room or kitchen

In the interior of the kitchen, such a panel will look to the place and stylishly.

Decorative panel in the interior

In addition to thinking over the material for the execution of decor on the wall, it is necessary to determine the correct size. For large rooms, you can use images that occupy a large part of the wall, and for small rooms it is better to do with less bulky compositions. Even with the help of a small panel, you can accentuate and emphasize the individuality of the design.

DIY decorative panel from pieces of wallpaper

A panel of the remains of wallpaper - a cheap option for decorating your room

Panel in the form of watches from old newspapers with their own hands

For this panel, a large stack of old newspapers, glue, paints and a watch mechanism were needed.

As an exception, there may be a decorative panel in the interior on which the motif has a horizontal or vertical arrangement. Such decorations can also occupy the entire wall of a small room, playing the role of visually expanding the space or increasing the height of the ceilings.

Do-it-yourself decorative panel from planed boards

They sawed, jerked, knocked down and covered with a stain - what could be easier?

Wall panel for the kitchen

The decorative panel for the kitchen should be made of durable materials, as this room is saturated with the smells of cooking and surfaces are prone to soot formation. Typically, decor is placed near the dining area or on an apron, in the center of the work area.

Ceramic panel above the hob in the interior of the kitchen

For panels above the stove, use ceramic tiles

The most suitable material is tile. But near the table in a distance from the stove you can use any kind of wall decor.

Panel for a bathroom

Due to high humidity, a decorative panel for the interior of a bathroom is possible only from tiles or mosaics. But this does not diminish the options.

Decorative panel of ceramic tiles in the interior of the bathroom

Ceramic panel with the hostess's favorite colors

A beautiful landscape or other image located on the wall behind the bathroom will create an impression of presence. Widespread paintings of sea beaches, mermaids, yachts and more.

Beautiful panel for the bedroom

It is advised to place a decorative panel in the bedroom near the head of the bed.

Panel in the form of branches with leaves over the head of the bed

Above the head of the bed - the perfect place for a panel in the bedroom

When choosing a picture, you need to understand that the room is intended for relaxation, so the use of bright colors and dynamic images is not recommended. And also, the decoration can be hung on any free wall, but it is desirable that it is located opposite the door.

Panel for a nursery

You can attract your child to create a simple wall decoration in the nursery. This will not only contribute to its development, but also help to navigate with the chosen pattern.

DIY panel for kids room

This panel is made of colored paper and glued directly to the wallpaper, and a polystyrene ceiling baseboard was used for the frame

For panels, you can use fabrics, embroidery or elementary mosaics depicting a favorite cartoon character. In this room you can experiment with color, but do not forget that this is not only a play area, but also a children's bedroom.

Panel in the interior of the living room

As in any other room, the panel should be in harmony with the overall design and match the dimensions of the room. Often walls are decorated with natural images of a forest with paths extending into the distance. This allows you to create a perspective and expand the boundaries of space. Properly selected image will turn the apartment into a cozy nest.

Homemade fabric panel on the living room wall

The base of the panel with parrots is a sheet of plywood on which the fabric is stretched and all this is inserted into the frame

DIY panel from photos on the living room wall

Decorative panel from family photos

Video on how to make a decorative panel from plaster

Photo gallery: ideas for decorating a wall panel

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