Stylish combinations of brown in the interior

Brown color in the interior is one of the basic. It can be safely combined with different shades and used in almost all rooms in the apartment. Designers are very fond of such a color for its variety, there are many tones and shades that create a special mood. The result is a natural atmosphere in which it is pleasant and relaxed. This is the best option for the home, because the owner always seeks comfort in the rooms.

Classic living room interior in brown shades

If you want to create a solid interior with home comfort and at the same time with a sense of “fortress” - bring brown shades to the room

Where is the brown interior appropriate?

In the apartment you can use brown color in the interior almost everywhere. The main thing is to take into account the features of the room and try to make it as tasty and interesting as possible.

Upholstered furniture with brown upholstery in the interior of a modern living room

Brown color soothes and relaxes, gives a sense of security

Living room A dark, deep shade will help make the design expensive and luxurious. Combined with natural wood, brown will look royal
Bedroom You should not combine bright colors, it is better to make the room calm and cozy. Pastel brown will help, as well as beige or other light colors for contrast
Kitchen The bright option will make the classic decisions delicious. At first glance, the room will be too simple, but this will allow it to be used for cooking, for family dinners and receiving guests at the same time.
Bathroom In this situation, bold combinations are relevant, in particular with blue and pink, as well as with peach. A little brightness will not hurt this relaxation room
Hallway In this case, the main color of the interior should be well thought out, there are no windows for daylight, bright curtains or original furniture. Among the brown you can find a juicy shade that can become the main decoration
Brown fireplace in the living room interior

The brown gamut has a wide variety of shades, both cold and warm

Bedroom interior with panoramic windows and wooden ceiling

A light brown shade of natural wood blends seamlessly into this white and gray bedroom interior.

Each interior option must be considered in detail. During the repair of the room, specialists are repelled from its purpose. In the future, you will have to live in the room and use it fully. That is why brown is often used as the main color, because it organically fits into different decisions.

Living room

The main task of this room is to receive guests and arrange family gatherings. The atmosphere at the same time should be quite calm and solemn. Much attention is paid to the details. The room should not be ordinary, all tenants strive to add a particle of their character to it. This means figurines, family photos, bouquets of flowers or pots with plants. Additionally, small poufs, cute coffee tables, as well as stucco on the walls and other original solutions can be installed.

Red armchair in a brown living room with windows to the south

You can use dark colors such as dark chocolate and coffee in the living room with windows facing south.

Living room interior in light brown tones

Light shades of brown expand the living room

For all this diversity you need to choose a decent background. That is why the brown tint in the interior will look extremely profitable.He does not clutter up his space and does not distract attention from the individuality of the apartment. At the same time, you can choose a very deep and pleasant option that will allow you to achieve a feeling of luxury and increased comfort.


Recently, it is fashionable to make a bedroom in the style of minimalism. This means the absence of bright colors, interesting details. Of the furniture there is only a closet and the bed itself. In this situation, the basis of design is the finish. There is no more advantageous classic color combination than light and dark brown. Playing in contrast makes the room surprisingly interesting.

Brown bedroom interior

The decoration of the bedroom in shades of brown contributes to a relaxing holiday and complete relaxation

White bedspread on a brown bed in a bedroom of a private house

You can “dilute” a plain interior with a light ceiling and white linen.

Do not forget that the main purpose of this room is to sleep in it. Thanks to the classic interior, it turns out to achieve calm and comfort. The hosts will be able to fully relax and enjoy meeting the morning here.


In our country, the kitchen is not only a place for cooking. Here they eat and conduct emotional conversations. The place is important to make interesting. It is safe to use the lightest shade of brown here. With its help, the area of ​​even the kitchen in Khrushchev’s apartments will visually increase.

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture

The classic brown kitchen is a variant with wooden furniture

Set in brown with natural veneer finish

Even the budget option from veneered MDF will look presentable and solid

The hostess herself will add a twist in the form of original plates, tablecloths or funny curtains. With such a background, a woman will have room for imagination, she can feel like an artist.


The bathroom is small in size. It is important to create a room that will improve your mood. In the morning, everyone goes to wash, gets a boost of energy in this room. In the evening, a man relaxes and wants to lie in hot water. Using a dark brown shade in the details and pastel tones as the main ones, you can achieve both goals.

Bathroom interior in brown and beige colors.

Beige-brown interior - a good combination for the bathroom

White toilet in the bathroom with brown interior

Laconic interior of a chic bathroom

Orange towel on the edge of the bath in a dark brown room

Brown-orange bathroom interior

With pink, you can create a real female boudoir, and with the help of turquoise and light brown, create a prototype of the sea, remembering each time the southern sun.


It is with the hallway that each apartment begins. It should create a feeling of comfort for the owners who, after a difficult day, return home. Guests immediately appreciate the great taste of homeowners. There are time-tested solutions, such as red and brown. They make the room very expensive. The lack of visual space is easily corrected by mirrors.

Entrance hall of a private house with brown floor and wooden doors

In the hallway, brown is considered a luxury

Classic-style trellis with brown trim in the hallway of a private house

At the entrance, brown looks gorgeous against a background of beige, light gray or cream color.

Forget about the bright colors

Designers all over the world love sincerely brown. They try to combine it with any shades and achieve original results. However, there are some prohibited tricks. Many times they tried to combine acid tones with different shades of brown, this is strictly forbidden. This color is natural, it is constantly found in nature and requires careful treatment.

Use in interior textiles in brown shades

Brown - the color of sophistication and nobleness

Not always brown is presented in the interior in the form of decoration, most often it is furniture that is made of natural wood and not painted. As a base tone, choose pastel. It can be noble gray, juicy red or light white.

However, there are no strict rules for working with brown. You can use even the most acidic colors, the main thing is to correctly dose everything in the palette.The main advice on combinations is determined only on the scale of decoration, furniture, large parts, each owner makes small decorations to his taste. Sometimes even a combination of incongruous looks beautiful, because it expresses the character of the owner and makes his apartment especially comfortable.

Main advantages

The brown tint is immediately associated with chocolate and warmth. It blows from coziness and comfort. You can choose coffee, light or saturated bright and rich tones. The main advantage of this option is its diversity and versatility. In the interior, this color may be decoration, furniture or decorative elements. It is worth adding a bit of a similar shade and immediately the room will look more presentable, more expensive and more luxurious.

Wooden floor in the living room in brown

Warmth and naturalness are the hallmarks of brown interiors

In its effect on the human psyche, color should be attributed to soothing. It is rarely seen in shops and shopping centers, but it is always nice to go to a coffee shop with a similar design and just relax. There is enough nervous tension in life; at home you should get rid of it and tune in to appeasement.

After the repair, you can notice another advantage of this decor. It is not easily soiled, even serious pollution is practically not noticeable, and dust is clearly released only on varnished surfaces.

Boardwalk in a room with chocolate-colored furniture

Chocolate shade will add an atmosphere of luxury to the interior of any room

The main mistake may be too much dark palette. Do not forget that brown easily steals lighting. It is necessary to use it in dosage, especially in small rooms or to solve the problem with the help of a large number of lighting devices.

The choice of style

This shade fits perfectly into almost any interior. Without any changes, it can look in the classic, there are no restrictions. In other situations, you need to remember about textures and features.

Modern living room with brown sofa

Brown color sounds great in a modern, stylish interior.

Retro style is distinguished by its sophistication, it is very important to think over textures, the ideal option would be a natural drawing of a tree, where possible. It is difficult to enter a shade into a modern interior, but the option of coffee with milk can add a twist to the style. An easy-to-play country version will become interesting if there are beautiful stylistic patterns, the main thing is that they are simple.

Brown rustic bedroom interior

Brown poufs have become bright accents in the calm atmosphere of a country bedroom

Strict dark-colored office interior

For a study in the English style you need a red-brown combination

In any case, the trends of nature are brought into each style in this way. You can immediately feel yourself in the forest, in peace and quiet, feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the summer. That is why simple and acidic colors will spoil the impression, and deep complex shades will only complement it.

Color combinations

When combining a brown shade with any other, you need to use some simple rules. In the basic part, when it comes to decoration and furniture, it is best to focus on natural solutions. In nature, brown is often found with green, we are talking about a tree trunk and its leaves. Of course, such a combination will look great in almost any room.

Bright brown walls in a small living room of a city apartment

The correct selection of brown will visually correct the imperfections of the room and create the desired mood

Brown wooden table next to a mint sofa

Brown with mint - a rather soft combination at the junction of manly and feminine interiors

Regarding a variety of combinations, designers have already created rules that can set the right path in developing the perfect interior.

  1. Ideal combination - white, beige gray. Similar tones can complement brown. Add in any quantity and experiment freely.
  2. Additionally, add purple or turquoise.Such tones are ideal as a small addition, pattern on the tile, large parts.
  3. Bright juicy colors, it comes in acid colors, feel free to use in the little things: pillow, napkin, picture. The main thing is not to overdo the decor.

It is important to think over the finish, the decor. Brown color in the interior imposes certain obligations. Furniture must match the interior design. Classic tone data is used. You should not buy high-tech designs (glass and metal). The ideal material for any furniture is wood. The addition will be leather and fabric. Plastic should be completely abandoned; it makes the interior cheap and looks relevant only with the most modern content.

Design a bright living room in white and brown tones

White-brown interior is considered a classic combination, suitable for decoration of almost any room

The combination of brown and beige in the interior of the living room

The beige-brown combination looks more calm and balanced compared to white-brown

The thoughtful design of each room in the apartment will make it possible to feel as comfortable as possible in the home. Comfort, mood and well-being depend on the visual impression.

It is necessary to plan the interior carefully and avoid too bold decisions, replacing them with an individual manifestation. Guided by personal preferences, you can create your own vision within one style and enjoy the house as a work of art.

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