What should be the design of a classic kitchen

No matter how much progress has moved forward, people choose the design of the kitchen in a classic style, pushing to the background minimalism and modernity. The use of this technique is inherent to conservatives or homeowners who value comfort, coziness and the preservation of family values. Using strict techniques, you can transform a room of different sizes using the current color scheme.

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design in a classic style

Despite the age of this style, most people still choose it

an example of a beautiful kitchen style in a classic style

Classical kitchen is a combination of coziness and comfort.

version of the unusual interior of the kitchen in a classic style

The kitchen in the classic style looks very beautiful

Features of the style subspecies in the interior

Classical (antique) style housing is distinguished by its sharpness and severity of lines. It is dominated by calm, diluted shades, high-quality natural materials. Designers advise to review several films about the period of the XVII-XVIII centuries to familiarize themselves with the exemplary style. The key accompanying term for antiquity is the word luxury. The embodiment of luxury in the atmosphere is possible with the presence of such details: volume mirrors in metal frames, columns, a fireplace and dense textile made from natural materials.

Gracefulness of traditional apartments is given by decorative objects: antiques, bronze and marble figurines, paintings on the walls. Even an amateur in the field of design will understand that the house is furnished according to the principles of antiquity if stucco ceilings, dense wall decoration and generously decorated with carved elements from natural wood are inherent in it.

An example of a light classic style kitchen decor

Classic style symbolizes luxury and prosperity

the idea of ​​a bright interior in a classic style kitchen

Decorative elements will help emphasize the style.

Basic rules for registration

Regardless of the area of ​​the decorated room, the interior of the "classic" kitchen is based on the following principles.

  1. The use of natural materials for surface finishing.

  2. Clarity and geometric lines, symmetry in furniture.

  3. A minimum of decor, its use is relevant only for a useful purpose.

  4. An abundance of textiles - on windows, upholstered furniture, sometimes even a fabric pattern can be pasted on the walls.

In the modern interpretation, traditionalism does not exclude the play of contrasts, but with the condition: do not use bright, flashy shades to decorate the atmosphere. Homeowners who plan to remodel the premises in strict shape should remember: the design of a classic kitchen does not allow cheapness and saving on materials. Before proceeding with the alteration, you need to evaluate your financial capabilities.

version of the unusual design of the kitchen in a classic style

To create a kitchen in a classic style, you can use the ideas on the Internet

version of a beautiful classic style kitchen decor

In the classic style I use natural materials

an example of a bright kitchen style in a classic style

Typically, a classic style kitchen is made in white.

Colors to create a traditional setting

Color is one of the main thematic indicators of style. The antique design allows the use of all colors from the palette, but only in calm, diluted outlines.The table describes the color combinations in traditional apartments.

Wall color

Ceiling paint

Wood flooring tint

Bright accents in textiles and decor




Red pink, pale green, blue

Light yellow


Light alder

Scarlet, black, golden

Light blue


Dark beige

Pale pink burgundy

Gray beige


Bleached oak




Rosewood, walnut

Black golden

the idea of ​​an unusual design of the kitchen in a classic style

For such a kitchen, it is better to choose calm shades.

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the kitchen in a classic style

Before you make a kitchen design, look at the Internet examples and take a few ideas

Competent design of traditional cuisine. Bright accents

With the help of smart planning in design, not even a professional can hide the flaws of the room and emphasize the advantages, features. There is nothing better to place in a classic style than correctly placed accents. The first highlight is the old household items. They can be purchased in antique collections, in flea markets or created with your own hands. Such rare items can be items of dishes, furniture.

The second emphasis is furniture. If the surfaces are painted with white paint, then you need to add other tones. For example, snow-white chairs, tables can lean on the legs of dark brown or pale green tones. If you don’t want to spoil the traditional whiteness with bright, dark spots, you can create a stop with exceptionally light shades: milk, pearl, cream, champagne and ivory.

version of the beautiful interior of the kitchen in a classic style

When making a kitchen layout, it is worth considering the features of the room

an example of a beautiful kitchen interior in a classic style

Rare accessories will be able to decorate the kitchen

option of a light decor of the kitchen in a classic style

A kitchen in a tree with a white floor will look very nice

How to create a strict design in small and large rooms

The housing of rich people in the XVII-XVIII centuries, when the interior classic was born, was distinguished by pomp, elegance and spaciousness. Therefore, most often, designers agree to create a classic kitchen in vast spaces with an area of ​​at least 15 sq.m. and high ceilings (2.9-3.5 meters). Such parameters allow you to comfortably combine the cooking area with the dining corner (dining room). But, thanks to the light colors that prevail in this style subspecies, you can transform a small room.

To space "breathe", not cluttered with furniture, use certain design techniques.

  1. In the center establish the island, which serves as a working area.

  2. A set of L-shaped, U-shaped is selected.

  3. Transfer the dining area (dining room) to the living room.

To create a classic-style environment, it is important to apply other professional tricks: the flooring pattern should follow the contour of the room or one of its zones, the cornice (ceiling plinth) must be lowered to the top of the furniture set. There is one general rule for sites of different sizes: household appliances must be hidden, otherwise it will not be possible to transfer the spirit of antiquity to a remodeled setting.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of cuisine in a classic style

Even in a small kitchen you can create an interior in a classic style

an example of a bright design of a kitchen in a classic style

For small kitchens, use a U-shaped or L-shaped set

Abundance of white

White paint is universal. For classic cuisine, its use is familiar, but with the help of cunning combinations, you can add a little boring traditional interior of liveliness and expression. This is possible when using different light shades. For example, as an option, it can be used to dilute monochrome snow-white gold, whose small highlights will decorate stucco molding on the ceiling, picture frames and fabric products.

A winning option is the use of pastel shades of brown, blue and red together with snow-white.Natural stone also beautifully complements the white traditional kitchen area: gray, white-gray, greenish stone details can become the basis of the countertop, the area around the sink or become a floor covering. Natural wood is another close neighbor of snow-white canvases. Terracotta or yellow apron, red or burgundy carpets, curtains will look no less harmonious with light walls and ceiling.

the idea of ​​a bright interior in a classic style kitchen

By adding several colors to the interior, you enliven the design of the room

an example of a bright style of kitchen in a classic style

Dark wood furniture looks very beautiful in the interior of the kitchen

version of a light style kitchen in a classic style

Add more shades to the kitchen interior and you will see how the design changes

Furniture: reliability and monumentality

The details are set by the furniture set, household appliances and decor. All these items should complement each other, if the goal of the alteration is to create a stylish, harmonious design. In the interior of a classic kitchen, you can use furniture with such features.

  1. Lack of bright, saturated colors. The classics are completely impressed by the calm, diluted, at the same time complex tones: pistachio, sand, cognac and chocolate. They are successfully complemented by pale shades of blue (dark slate blue, gray blue, sky blue) and green (aquamarine, light green), as well as shades of "ocher", "dark salmon" and neutral brown.

  2. The massive set is made of natural wood, complemented by expensive fittings (metal - iron, steel). The option with natural wood can be circumvented, the benefit of modern furniture production in the world makes it possible to replace natural material with artificial "doubles" - MDF and particleboard.

  3. Wall cabinets and bedside tables are indispensable - the headset must be supplemented with a massive table and chairs (not modest stools).

To emphasize the severity and good taste of the classic kitchen (as for furniture), you can use the glass doors in the cabinets. You also need to follow the outline of the headset - in it geometric shapes should complement each other streamlined (rounded).

version of the unusual decor of the kitchen in a classic style

Furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen interior in a classic style

Furniture is an important element in creating a classic kitchen interior

Lighting - the central element of the ceiling

Candles in candlesticks and flaming torches are a very old classic, a modern prototype of the kitchen interior in the classical style involves the use of other types of lighting. The key source of light should be a large chandelier hanging in the center of the room above the dining area - it indicates the family hearth. Going in search of a suitable option to the lighting store, you need to pay attention to models with a bronze coating, decorated with crystals or decorative bends. A chandelier with a lampshade is also a good option, but only if it is painted with one of the shades of gold paint.

For comfortable cooking and hanging out, you also need to take care of the spotlight above the work area. An important caveat - these additional light sources should not attract attention. It is best to hide them in the ceiling or choose products to match the chandelier without decorative frills.

Traditional working and dining area with Mediterranean elements

Few know that the Mediterranean style is closely intertwined with the classics. For classic cuisine with elements of the Mediterranean, such design tricks are characteristic: the use of ceiling beams, stone, the presence of "imperfect" decor and the functionality of every little thing. If everything is clear with ceiling beams and stone, then what does “imperfect” decor mean? Everything is quite simple: there is no need to select the dishes according to their tone - they can be replaced with a variety of original plates and cups purchased in antique shops or at the flea market. “Imperfect” furniture may have cracks, its different parts may vary in color.The same applies to decor: vases, candlesticks and pots for indoor plants can also have errors in the appearance.

But before moving on to the decor, you need to familiarize yourself with the palette of colors acceptable in the Mediterranean style subspecies. Natural shades of sea water, lush grass, land are most often used in the classical style of the Mediterranean surroundings. Depending on the country, these colors may belong to the cold gamut (Greece) - lemon yellow, turquoise, bright blue tones or the warm gamut (Italy) - pistachio, deep orange, terracotta or red-pink. When designing the dining room and cooking area according to the Mediterranean example, one should be guided by a key principle - a minimum of pomposity, pretentiousness and chic, a maximum of simplicity and functionality.

the idea of ​​an unusual decor of the kitchen in a classic style

Lighting in the kitchen should be enough

option of a bright interior in a classic style kitchen

The classic style is very similar to the Mediterranean

an example of a beautiful kitchen design in a classic style

A chandelier is a great option for a classic style kitchen.

Interior combining classic and modern

Strict compliance with the era of Classicism in the interior of a classic kitchen is commonplace. Designers advise combining traditional and modern details. Such a tandem is classified as "neoclassic" - a harmonious ratio of antique details, non-standard items and color combinations. Even the usual home decor without a hint of style can be transformed into a neoclassical corner.

  1. Arched structures, pilasters, decorative columns are associated with traditional details of antiquity.

  2. Ceiling stucco, you can get by with a decorative ceiling plinth.

  3. Natural wood furniture (or imitated wood) will fit into any environment.

When transforming a venue in the neoclassical style, one should not experiment too much, because in the classical style, even modernized, pretentiousness, excess and tastelessness cannot be present. Symmetry, grace, a minimum of decorative additions classify antiquity combined with modernity.

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen in a classic style

Many designers advise combining classic style with modern

version of the light design of the kitchen in a classic style

For finishing it is advisable to use natural materials

Finishing materials

For the design of the working and dining areas in the classical style, it is advisable to use natural materials or as much as possible imitating wood, stone, fabric. Replacement of authentic solid wood and textiles may be present in the case of financially low-cost alterations. If the homeowner does not spare money on the arrangement, then use the following materials:

  1. natural wood (oak, pine, larch, fir) - serves as a floor covering, can be used on the walls in the form of lining;

  2. natural stone - the main material for the working surface of the kitchen area, also decorative objects (figurines, candlesticks) can be made from it;

  3. gypsum forms the basis of the ceiling of a classic kitchen; stucco molding is made of it;

  4. natural textiles (brocade, linen, cotton, jacquard) - used for decorating window openings, as upholstery.

Noble metals also play an important role in remaking. In traditional apartments, bronze and aged gold will harmoniously look, but silver and chrome details do not belong there.

In order for a kitchen in an ordinary city apartment or house to look like a classic-style setting, you need to use natural materials, not experiment with light. It will be possible to create the perfect design on your own only if you study the design techniques in detail. It is important to remember that true classic is simplicity.

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