Interior design of the bedroom: in what style does the room to sleep?

In the bedroom, a person is resting, gaining strength and getting rid of fatigue. Therefore, its interior should be thought out to the smallest detail. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, its geometry, and choose the right color scheme. An important role is played by the style of design. There are many of them today, therefore, problems with the choice of design should not arise. Although we should not forget that not all of them will be appropriate. Furniture, textiles, decor accentuate the design of the room, affix color accents.

Aged brick in a minimalist style bedroom interior

The sleeping room should be simple, calm and spacious.

For any room, it is important to choose the right design and maintain it in a certain style. For example, a loft or Scandinavian decor requires a lot of space. They are more suitable for spacious houses than for ordinary small-sized apartments. But there is no reason to be upset. In the interior of the bedroom, other types of design, no less interesting, have proven themselves well.

  • Classical.
  • High tech.
  • Minimalist or modern.
  • Provence.
  • Asian - Chinese and Japanese.

To choose which one is more to the soul, a photo and a brief description of each of them will help.

Bed with hoodie in the design of a bedroom with high ceilings

The design of the bedroom is largely influenced by the size of the room

High tech bedroom

Hi-tech is the best suited for small rooms. There is nothing superfluous in it. The room is as practical as possible, equipped with the latest technology. Plasma TV, air conditioning, automatic shutters, lights - this is what the high-tech design looks like. Decor should be as restrained as possible. Metal, glass, plastic are the main materials. The color scheme is dominated by silver shades and a black and white palette. Chocolate tones are also welcome. The decor is practically absent. You will not find floral upholstery here either. Everything is strict, concise.

Design a modern hi-tech bedroom

Hi-tech is distinguished by the use of the most modern appliances and furniture

High-tech bedroom headboard

Furniture and decor should be new and fashionable.

Modern style bedrooms

Modern style is often called cozy minimalism. It looks like a high-tech, but much softer and more comfortable. These two close directions are not overloaded with anything superfluous. But in high-tech, the emphasis is on the functionality of space, and in a minimalist design, space is important in itself. The more it is, the better. Here should be only the most necessary. A bed, a small bedside table, light curtains, a pair of lamps - sometimes this is all the filling of the room. The walls are light and plain. Only a couple of color accents are allowed, for example, bright curtains or photo wallpaper over the bed.

Bedroom design in soothing colors for a minimalist style

The warm colors of the interior contribute to a relaxing holiday.

Minimalist bedroom design with wooden bed.

Wooden furniture is suitable for any style and minimalism is no exception.

Oriental motifs: the interior in the style of Japanese and Chinese minimalism

Get rid of unnecessary trash, fill the room with light - this idea is supported in the Japanese style. Materials for registration - only of natural origin. Of these, the most suitable are bamboo, silk, wood, stone. The decor welcomed porcelain. Instead of large fixtures, spotlights are installed - illuminated should not be too bright. Typical colors are red, white, black. Bright colors complement the calm shades of gray.

Chinese style bedroom interior design

Characteristic features of the eastern direction - quality, minimalism and precise symmetry

Japanese Style Bedroom Interior Design

In the design of the bedroom should be used only natural materials

Classic style design

In this style, the main task is to convey the luxury of the royal bedcloths. A large bed with a massive headboard is a must have for such a bedroom. Moreover, the bed handles are generously strewn with various curls and other decor. Pillows with tassels, ruffles, carpets with intricate patterns, curtains in several tiers - all these details have long been a sign of the classical style. The most profitable color for the classics is white. He will emphasize the status of the premises.

Massive wooden bed in a classic style bedroom

The bed should be massive enough, it is mandatory to use stucco molding on high ceilings

Provencal style design

A gentle, light Provence is suitable for those who love the graceful notes of the province of France. Its most important features are pastel colors, lavender in vases and wallpaper, wooden furniture made in retro design. Souvenir trinkets, flowers on the shelves, forged elements, as well as simple but refined textiles will help create a Provencal atmosphere. Everything should be clear, without claims to luxury, but very cute and romantic.

Provence-style private house bedroom design

For the Provence style, pastel colors are chosen: white, emerald, lilac, pink, turquoise and the whole range of brown shades

Design provence bedroom for girls

Provence is ideal for a children's bedroom, especially for a girl’s room

Design of a male and female bedroom: original murals or cute flowers?

The bedrooms of a bachelor and an unmarried girl, of course, should be different. It’s hard to imagine a guy’s room pasted with decorative butterflies. It is better to design a men's home in a minimalist style. The severity of the decoration can be diluted with ethnic motifs or murals. Fans of high-speed racing, for example, can use images of sports cars. Also relevant will be elements of paintings in the spirit of "sur" on photo wallpaper. They give mystery, intelligence, some depth to the image. It would be nice to add a little accent hi-tech design - chrome, glass, geometry shapes. Regarding the color scheme - everything is simple. You need to choose cold, dark shades. But do not overload the room with them, otherwise it risks becoming too gloomy.

Designed mens bedroom in a seasoned style

In the interior of the male bedroom there are no unnecessary details and unnecessary decor elements

What is suitable for a bachelor’s bedroom interior? The answer is simple - light, pastel colors. But still, you should not cross the boundaries of taste and tastelessness. Busting with baby pink, turquoise or light green tones will make the room too sticky. Cozy and warm will give a cute, feminine decor. It can be added safely. After all, few people would ever mind reproaching the girl for the fact that glass bears and flowers in multi-colored pots took root on shelves in her room.

Design a sleeping room for a girl or woman

The room can not do without a chest of drawers with a mirror and lovely feminine details

A must-have attribute for any girl is a closet. It is better if it is a “coupe” with mirrored doors and many shelves. A good idea is to put a dressing table and a chest of drawers. Women are suitable for room decoration in almost any style. The abundance of soft, comfortable textiles, decorative vases and other decor items is also not prohibited.

Bedroom interior with balcony

Sometimes in the layout there is a nice bonus in the form of a balcony. This small space is easy to combine into one. It is only necessary to insulate the balcony and repair it.The entrance to the loggia is best decorated with a plastic French window, and the walls painted in warm, discreet colors. Beds, bedspreads, curtains should be made of natural materials. It is desirable to choose colors natural, natural.

The interior of the bedroom combined with a balcony

Combining the bedroom with a balcony allows you to make a modest room area spacious and bright

The balcony is easily converted into any functional area.

  • A study with a small table for a computer. For work, you can use the space of the windowsill. So that nothing distracts from work, it is better to separate the balcony from the room with a curtain.
  • Library with bookshelves and ottoman. Windows with shutters, a soft plaid, a cup of coffee and a favorite book. Such a rest before bedtime is the dream of all book lovers.
  • Small outdoor patio with garden. Flowers, a table with forged legs, openwork curtains will transfer to the atmosphere of a cozy Provence cafe.
  • Summer nursery. A baby cot is free on the balcony. Therefore, in the warmer months, the loggia is often converted into a nursery. If it comes to winter, then the walls and windows need to be insulated, and the floor should be equipped with underfloor heating.
Design of balconies combined with a bedroom in urban apartments

The style of design depends on which area will be located on the balcony

Small bedroom interior

It is believed that a small bedroom is a big design flaw. But even from a tiny room you can extract the maximum if you plan it correctly.

Design a small bedroom in bright colors

The design of a small bedroom requires maximum practicality, it is important to use light colors in the design for a feeling of spaciousness and lightness

What is important to consider?

  1. Walls. For them, plaster with a large relief cannot be used. It is not recommended to design the room with glossy materials. The ideal solution for the interior of a bedroom of small sizes - paint or wallpaper.
  2. Ceiling. Do not make it too dark. The most reasonable solution is to paint the ceiling and walls in a single light shade. So the ceiling will visually rise up.
  3. Wallpaper. Or rather - zoning wallpaper. If the task is to visually expand a narrow wall, then a print with a horizontal strip will cope with this. Vertical lines help make the ceiling taller. The pattern on the wallpaper should never be too large. Massive flowers or birds will “eat” the space. But the small millefler, on the contrary, will expand the room.
  4. Parquet or laminate. A great solution for the floor in a tiny room. Especially if you place the picture diagonally.
  5. Furniture. It is advisable to choose a bed without legs. The bedside table will fit a small, compact, slightly rounded shape. The cabinet is unlikely to fit, but the shelves or shelves fit perfectly into the interior. The only condition is that they do not have to be massive.
Minimalist design of a small bedroom

The amount of furniture needs to be minimized, you can leave a bed and a couple of nightstands or tables

The problem of small apartments is relevant not only here, but also abroad. Practical Europeans have already found a way out. They came up with many options for folding tables, beds, cabinets, transformers. You can learn from their experience and try to save space in this way.

Choosing curtains for a small room

Fabric decor in small rooms should not overload the room. Therefore, it is better to choose curtains or curtains in bright colors and light textures. Of considerable importance is the style of the room. For hi-tech it is more appropriate to choose blinds, for minimalism a translucent tulle without a pattern is quite suitable, and short curtains made of light chintz will perfectly combine with Provence.

Tulle in the decoration of the windows of a small bedroom

Tulle would be a great option for a small bedroom

Design of curtains in the design of a small bedroom

The color of the curtains should be combined with all elements of the interior.

Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

There is one big minus in the plans of the Khrushchevs - the cubic capacity is so small that all design ideas instantly disappear. But there is no reason to despair. Small tricks come to the rescue. What is their essence?

  • Light palette. Only she is able to expand the excessively squeezed home.The rule of bedrooms in the Khrushchev - the more light, the better. Do not be afraid of white, beige, sand, pearl gray tones in the interior. They should be present in everything - design, textiles, furniture. Nobody will call such an interior boring if it is diluted with bright pillows, vases or colored decorative figurines.
  • Mirrors They reflect the wall, ceiling, adding area, albeit visually.
  • Curtains. It is better to refuse them in favor of light blinds or Roman curtains. Massive textile additions destroy the already modest volumes of the room.
  • Situation. To think over each cabinet, a shelf - the task of any owner of a bedroom in Khrushchev. Ideal choices are lightweight, open shelves and hanging cabinets with glass doors. Folding sofas also help solve the problem of lack of space. But you must definitely choose models in which there are boxes for linen.
  • Lamps. Massive chandeliers will not work. But the spotlights on the ceiling, flat pendant lights and side sconces are what you need.
  • Ceiling and floor. The rule of perspective will immediately work as soon as the floor and ceiling are painted in one light shade. The tiny little room will increase at times.
Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

The interior of the bedroom in Khrushchev will win if you do not clutter up the room with extra furniture, but give preference to multifunctional objects

Lighting spotlights bedroom in Khrushchev

In a small bedroom, it is better to install spotlights around the perimeter and the headboard lighting

Bedroom - living room: how to choose furniture for a transformer room?

To somehow compensate for the lack of free space, the designers came up with a simple technique. They suggested making two different rooms from one bedroom. There are many options for such combinations: from the study bedroom to the veranda. The easiest way to equip a bedroom-living room. In it you can relax yourself, and then in the blink of an eye turn it into a cozy room for meeting friends. How to do this?

Rollaway bed in the interior of the studio apartment

A transforming bed will be the best solution for one-room apartments and studio apartments

The first way is to choose special furniture. A regular bed should be replaced by a sofa with a French or American folding bed. A folding table by the bed easily turns into a full dining table. But this solution has one drawback. Assembling, disassembling furniture takes a lot of time. Busy people may not have it.

Then the second design technique comes into effect - zoning. The room is simply divided into parts. Each of them has its own purpose. On one territory the owners themselves will rest, on another it is possible to receive guests. The areas of the bedroom and living room are separated in different ways.

  • Paint, plaster, wallpaper, different in texture, print or color.
  • Screen made of fabric. The curtain will hide the bedroom area from visitors, and will also become a decoration of the living room.
  • Sliding partition. With its help, two parts of the room will be separated from each other in a few seconds. For such "fences" choose thin, lightweight materials - for example, drywall.
Design of a bedroom with sliding partitions

Bedroom with a sliding glass partition

Bedroom in a private house

A private house gives a large space not only in terms of square meters. There is a lot of room for creative imagination. Layouts in private homes differ from the standard "Khrushchev", "Brezhnevka", "Stalinok." What to consider when planning a bedroom design in a private house?

  • The choice of place. If the dwelling consists of two floors, then it is better to arrange a place for sleeping on the second. In a one-story building, a room with windows to the south-west is ideal for this purpose.
  • Zoning. In addition to huge mansions, there are also tiny houses for 1-2 rooms. Then you can’t do without dividing the room into a working, guest and relaxation area.
  • Design. To choose in which style to execute the rooms depends on the taste of the owner. But several types of design are most harmoniously combined with nature around a private house: Provence, eco-style, Mediterranean, classic, loft.
Attic bedroom design

If the room is needed only for sleep, zoning can be omitted.It is enough to choose the best place for the bed and bedside tables

Country Style Private House Bedroom Design

Country style fits perfectly into the interior of a country house and is suitable for those who like a relaxed lifestyle, rustic style and fresh air

In your own home, it is advisable to focus on unity with nature. Therefore, choose for decoration natural materials: oak, beech, birch, cotton, linen.

Video on how to create a cozy bedroom

Photo: a selection of the best interior solutions

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